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Szkolenie: Effective Interpersonal Communication Skills

Kategoria: UMIEJĘTNOŚCI OSOBISTE / Komunikacja

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Tytuł: Effective Interpersonal Communication Skills Training
Kategoria: UMIEJĘTNOŚCI OSOBISTE / Komunikacja
Metodyka: Symulacje i gry
Poziom zaawansowania : średnio zaawansowany
Program: Our Goal

Communication skills are important for every single person in the workforce. Many people think that just because they are not PR specialists or on the front lines of customer service, they don't have to develop good communication skills. However, this is as far from the truth as you can get. Even software developers and graphic designers, who spend much of their time working independently on their computers, must attain a professional level of communication in order to succeed. Once you realize how much you actually communicate with others in your company or external customers, you'll understand why it is so important to go through communication skills training and build the highest level of skill possible.

Companies that promote communication skills enjoy significant competitive advantage and achieve greater profitability overall, as they:

• Convey their vision more clearly
• Enhance customer service
• Unite their employees around company goals
• Make changes more easily
• Improve productivity and reduce waste

Our aim at Communication Corner is to help you learn how to become a master communicator in business. Effective communicators are powerful vehicles for change in organisations, families and the wider community. We can help you attain your interpersonal communication goals through a combination of an absolutely practical approach.

Thanks to this trainings you will:

• Understand the characteristics of effective verbal and nonverbal communication, such as body language and
sensitivity to others in the conversation
• Identify the most common barriers to effective listening and communication.
• Recognize basic communications styles and assess your own style
• Understand how your behavior impacts others and the way others respond to you, verbally and nonverbally
• Communicate effectively with words that are appropriate for a particular communication situation
• Discover the importance of the body language people in your organization use and what gestures you can put
into practice to communicate more effectively.
• Build instant rapport with anyone through highly effective interpersonal communication skills and techniques.
• Use verbal as well as nonverbal techniques to help get your message across to your audience
• Understand how to communicate with the basic personality types of people.
• Learn the ways to give and receive constructive feedback in business settings
• Develop effective listening skills
• Improve telephone communication skills
• Present more effectively
• Negotiate more effectively
• Know the ways to value yourself as a communicator
• Create an action plan for continually improving interpersonal skills


• Communication dynamics
• Communication and personality types
• Building rapport
• Communication power words
• Effective listening
• Communication barriers
• The art of rhetoric
• Persuasion and manipulation
• Logic and emotions in communication
• Deception and communication
• Detecting lies
• Assertiveness in communication
• Solving problems and fixing mistakes without blaming or accusing
• Creating a "feedback loop" that promotes cooperation
• How to present a different opinion without creating hard feelings
• How to listen in a way that relaxes other people
• Separating facts from opinions
• Clarifying questions that help you get all the information you need
• Ways to identify and clear up mistaken assumptions
• Countering put-downs and unfair criticism in a way that preserves your integrity
• Specific "verbal buffers" that ease confrontations and convey urgency
• Dealing with conflict
• Effective negotiation and mediation
• Presenting to win
• The art of public speaking

If you are interested in attending this course, please contact us at

If you are interested in attending this course, please contact us at

For additional information go to our website at or call us at (+ 48) 793 900 292.

Should you have any further questions, do not hesitate to contact us.

Wymagania: Dates:

Cracow: 08/09 March 2012
Wroclaw: 22/23 March 2012
Warsaw: 12/13 April 2012
Poznan: 26/27 April 2012
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