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Szkolenie: Presentation skills


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Marta Budzynowska
tel.: 343214380

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Tytuł: Presentation skills
Metodyka: Ćwiczenia
Opis: Aims:
- design presentations that inform, instruct, persuade or inspire an audience
- speak effectively in a variety of situations
- adapt presentations to accommodate the needs od different audiences
- use presentations tools and techniques to keep audiences engaged

Idea and assumpions of the training:
The two-day workshop provides time for learners to explore and understand all aspects of the process of planning, designing and writing effective presentations. The length of this workshop enables participants to deliver various types of presentations so that they build confidence and are able to conclude the program by delivering presentations they've designed. Before leaving workshop, they will receive feedback from their peers and will create an action plan for continued development.

Each participant will receive a copy of all the slides in the PowerPoint presentation and a certificate of completion.
Poziom zaawansowania : początkujący
Program: Day I

Session 1
1. Types of presenters
- avoider
- resister
- reluctant
- enthusiastic
2. Four types of presentations
- informational
- instructional
- persuasive
- inspirational
3. ABCs of presentations
- accurate
- brief
- clear
4. The Parts of Our Messages
5. Red flags
6. Basic communications concepts
- tone
- body language

Session 2
7. Overcoming Nervousness

Session 3
8. Constructing the Presentation - SET formula
9. Parts of the Presentation

Session 4
10. Impromptu Speaking
11. Elevator Speech

Session 5
12. SET Practice Session
13. Action Plan

Day II

Session 1
1. Building Rapport
2. Writing Your Presentation
3. Delivering Your Presentation: Advance Preparation
4. The Day of the Presentation

Session 2
5. Delivering Your Presentation
6. Effective use of gestures and body language
7. Your Audience
8. Adjusting presentations to styles of learners
9. Visual
10. Audi tory
11. Kinesthetic
12. Visual Aids

Session 3
13. Visual Aids Presentation
- Flipcharts
- Using PowerPoint Software
14. Challenging Situations

Session 4
15. Using Humor
16. Q&A Session
17. Practice Session Preparation
18. Practice Session and Feedback
19. Activities
20. Speaking Opportunities
21. Continued Development
22. Action Plan

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