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Szkolenie: Microsoft Security GuidanceTraining I

Kategoria: KOMPUTERY I INTERNET / Programowanie

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Tytuł: Microsoft Security GuidanceTraining I
Kategoria: KOMPUTERY I INTERNET / Programowanie
Metodyka: Wykłady
Opis: After completing this clinic, students will be able to:
Establish the business case for security. Apply Security Risk Management principles to ensure that security practices reflect real business needs.
Use multiple layers of defense to minimize the possibility of successful attacks against an organization. Respond effectively to security incidents.Describe specific attack scenarios and implement measures to combat them.Implement best practices for maximizing security in a networked environment. Discuss the 10 immutable laws of security. Understand the processes that Microsoft has developed to respond to system attacks and how to apply a successful patch strategy.Use patch management tools and processes to implement patch management in their organizations.Describe the Microsoft strategy for continuing to deliver improved patch management tools, technologies, and information to customers.Understand the importance of server security. Use Active Directory
Poziom zaawansowania : zaawansowany
Wielkość grupy: 12
Program: Group Policy to manage server security.Apply the Windows 2003 Security Guide templates for server hardening.Understand the additional security features included with Windows Server 2003 Service Pack.
1.Use the Security Configuration Wizard to increase security for computers running Windows Server 2003 SP1.Manage domain controller policy settings.Understand the requirements for securing client computers in environments where Windows Server 2003, Windows 2000, and Microsoft Windows NT 4.0 servers are present. Increase security for stand-alone clients.Use Software Restriction Policy to manage application security for computers in an organization.Understand antivirus strategies and best practices for deploying antivirus software. Understand firewall technologies and best practices for implementing a firewall. Understand new security features included in Microsoft Windows XP SP2.

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