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Szkolenie: Activity Management


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Agnieszka Piatkowska
tel.: + 48 509 175 865
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Tytuł: Activity Management
Metodyka: Ćwiczenia
Opis: Training Objectives

To provide experienced professionals, with a complete ready-to-use set of Activity Management tools, from the fundamentals, to the state of the art practices from the best in class companies.
Poziom zaawansowania : zaawansowany
Trenerzy: Alain Perrot is a food engineer graduated from ENSIA (National French School for Food Industries) and has a MBA from ESSEC. He has started his career in 1984 in the Mars Group (Unisabi) where he created the Industrial Engineer function in the Strasbourg plant. Then, he is successively appointed Shift Manager in Strasbourg plant, Financial Planning Manager, Resourcing Manager and Business Planning Manager of Unisabi. In 1992, he is appointed Supply Chain Project Manager Mars Petcare Europe. From 1992 to 1994, he reconfigures the Supply Chain to bring it to «Class A» level, and pionneers the implementation of SAP R3 for the whole Supply Chain (Planning, Logistics, R&D, Manufacturing, Purchasing). In 1995, he joins Bestfoods France as Logistics & Planning Director. From 1995 to 1996, he divides Inventories by 2, and improves the Order Filling Rate by 30%. In 1997, he is appointed Plant Manager of the Dressings Factory in Dunkerque, which he transforms in 2 years into the most agile plant of Bestfoods Europe (Agility multiplied by 2). In 1999, he joins Air Liquide Welding, to create the Supply Chain function, as Vice President Supply Chain & Purchasing.
From 1999 to 2003, he creates the Supply Chain & Purchasing Organization of the 20 autonomous companies of Air Liquide Welding, improves the order filling rate by 30%, and decreases inventories by 20%, and improves purchasing productivity by 2%/year.
In 4 years, he moves the Supply Chain of Air Liquide Welding from a buzz word to the Company Project n°1.In 2003 he founds his own consulting firm, and joins Big Fish end 2006. Among his Customers, he helps Danone, ICI Paints, Masterfoods, Valeo, Campbell, Gaz de France, and BIC. In 2006, he was Chairman of Eurolog, the ELA (European Logistics Association) Congress.

Program: Agenda :
• Supply Chain overview
• Supply Chain Game
• Activity Management fundamentals
• Activity Management Game
• Basic Activity Management
• From Operations to Business management
• Detailed Review
• Making it Happen

Messages examples :
• There is a cross functional monthly review of the New Activity Funnel (from Idea Generation through Profitable Growth to Exit/ Withdrawal)
• New Activity plans and intentions are agreed, resource allocation and prioritization decisions are made and their impact understood and communicated
• Interactions between New Activities, Base Business and Product Portfolio are understood and decisions taken
• Decisions made and assumptions form part of the input into Demand & Supply Reviews and Integrated Reconciliation.

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